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Scenic View Dairy is dedicated to delivering the highest quality milk safely and economically to the dairy processing industry.  We raise our families on our farms so the protection of the surrounding environment and the needs of our community as it relates to our business is a priority.

The last decade has seen Scenic View Dairy incorporate the most advanced equipment innovation and technology available to large scale dairy operations.  Why have we committed resources to this end?  To meet our goal of reducing energy costs, maintain peak herd health all while delivering a high quality dairy product.    Part of the technology answer was our substantial investment in six anaerobic digesters into two of its dairy facilities (Freeport and Fennville).  We will continue to aggressively incorporate the latest innovations in animal care and technology practices to operate lean,  profitable and responsive to our local communities.

True to our farming roots and a primary business goal is our commitment to a well-trained staff of animal technicians who daily work with our animals.  The humane handling of our herds is an invaluable investment we’re committed to making in our operations.  Additionally, we team with the experts in bovine care to actively monitor the health of our herds.  This goes a long way to ensure both top notch animal health and maximization of milk yields.

Bottom line?  To fully use the talents God has provided us to steward the land, animal and human need with our utmost effort and in such a way as to benefit our families, our community, and our industry.