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Welcome to Scenic View Dairy!

Recycling Resources in a New Way

Milking cows is what we do. Lots of cows. At Scenic View Dairy we’re serious about milking and pump close to 40 million pounds into the dairy processing pipeline each year. What does it take to do this? A tightly run infrastructure which includes hard working farmers, close to 2,000 actively milking animals, and a land base on which to grow crops.

But we’re much more than a dairy farm. We’re a progressive, proactive business actively employing best management practices and processes in herd management, waste recycling, land ecology, and technology.

As such, Scenic View Dairy has the distinction of being the first in the State of Michigan to install an anaerobic digester at its West Michigan facility. This is biorenewable, sustainable energy in action! Our digesters converts cow manure into fertilizer for our crop acreage, electricity for farming operations as well as electricity to sell to the local power grid. What’s more our anaerobic digester reduces the offensive odor of waste processing.

It’s an all new way of “doing dairy”. Technology has allowed for the modernization of an age old practice, resulting in the delivery of high quality, fresh tasting wholesome milk as quickly and economically as possible.

Commitment. Investment. Consistent Quality Standards.

Scenic View Dairy – committed to the families we’re raising, the animals we manage, the land we farm and the communities we impact.